Sunday, October 2, 2011

Getting ready....

You wouldn't know it by my Etsy store, but I have been in high gear with my jewelry making. Well, as much as I can do, with a hubby always working, 2 little kids and a couple of colds.

I have become much better at drawing and writing down ideas as they pop into my head.  Amazingly, this has been really helpful when I have the time to sit down and actually make something!  I am really trying to use up my current stash, I have some nice stones and they have been collecting dust.  The upcoming craft fair(s?) has been a good kick in the pants to produce.  Sometimes I get a bit indecisive (should I use an 8mm crystal or a 10? Is this the EXACT shade I want?) and nothing happens. 

I am having fun getting my craft fair table setup and logo done.  But sometimes I wonder about the sanity of doing all this so I can afford more supplies and tools to make more jewelry.  I love doing it but it does become a little obsessive.  Or maybe it is my ultimate way of procrastinating on housework?

Anyways, I did learn that next time I take a photo with a reflective surface in it I should remove whatever is red near it! :)

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