Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just because I can...

doesn't mean that I will want too! I found this out with polymer clay. After seeing cute ornaments from Oodles of Ornaments at a street fair (where I bought a very reasonable priced "peas in a pod" ornament that she personalized with the boys names) and the cute items at AMerryMishap I decided that this may be a craft Nic and I could do together. Michael's happenned to have a sale that week so Nic and I picked out some colors.

Well, we did enjoy making our beads - for awhile. Then Nic got bored and wandered off while I was stuck there rolling little pieces of clay between my hands. The Ohio State bracelet is my handiwork! And Nic was really excited to string his beads for a necklace for grandma.  That is him in the pic showing off the necklace.  So I would say this was a successful craft with him - I think we will make something Halloween themed soon, but I don't see it becoming part of my jewelry line.

Well back to getting ready for the show on Saturday!

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