Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Practice, practice, practice

Looking at my stash the other day I realized that I have some buttons resembling snowflakes.  Figured this might be the time to do something with them.  So I decided I wanted to make them into pendants with a technique I learned a couple of years ago.  I took a class (one, very short class) on learning how to make "memory" frames with no-lead solder.  You may recognize those kiddos.  If you send me a picture Christmas card I keep it.  I hope to someday have a whole wreath filled with little pictures of family and friends on it.  Thank goodness they now make metal frames you can just drop the glass into, because I don't see ever getting that project done this way.
It's been awhile so I figured I would practice. There is some prep involved beforehand and as you can see the "winter wonderland" frame is the bare copper tape and does not have any solder on it.  You can also probably see the glass is cracked. Whoops! Glass is fragile! Who knew?

So not a very good job.

 But then I found out that buttons are ALOT easier than shapes with corners.  So a little better.  I also found out that the reason people blacken the solder in these projects is that it HIDES not so great spots, making the bumps look more "artistic" (are you buying that?).  I also found out that copper tape reflects back into my buttons and my very smart friend Jennifer recommended that I buy the copper tape that has black on the inside to avoid the reflection.  But being impatient, I just went ahead and finished with what I had.  I know this picture isnt the best, I am still learning how best to photograph clear glass.

And just for fun I practiced wire wrapping a marble: