Monday, October 31, 2011

My Pilot

Halloween20112editOk. So technically, this is not a craft done WITH my 2 sons or jewelry, but really, can ya blame me for blogging about it?  I do have to give credit where credit is due - I found a picture on Pinterest originally from Rook No. 17 about 2 months ago. So I thought, if my son didn't voice an opinion on his costume and I could find an appropriate basket than I would go for it.

Well both those things came together - found the basket at an estate sale for $1.25 and Zac couldn't seem to care less about getting dressed up.  There are many things that I LOVE about this costume.  First, of course, is just how cute it is! Second, you can dress your kiddo for the weather conditions (lucky for me it was cold enough for him to wear his aviator hat and coat which we already had).  Third, it makes your toddler MORE visible to traffic (not that it was a concern on the 2 dead end streets we were on!). And fourth, it was NO SEW!

I think it is pretty easy to figure out how I did this.  First, I cut out the bottom of the basket.  Next, I tied on some ribbon to go over his shoulders. Then I tied on some brown paper "weights".  What took the most time was blowing up the balloons and tying them on strings (had the balloons and helium left over from big brother's birthday). I tied the balloons together at the bottom and then tied them to both ribbons on the back (this was to help keep the shoulder straps from falling off - and it worked).  The original costume had one BIG balloon that did look great, I just never got to that step, since I wasn't quite sure the little guy would go for doing this.  At first he did protest, it took a few minutes, and you can see in the picture he is pretty seriously considering rebelling.  But he was a trooper and I think he enjoyed the attention and the balloons!

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