Friday, September 16, 2011

Country Living Fair 2011

Today was my first trip to the Country Living Fair. I had a great time! It was beautiful weather and I went by myself. I knew it was a huge event and wanted to see what all the hype was about.
I didn't really expect to find any deals. I know this has to be an expensive show for the vendors and I could tell that many of them put alot of effort into their displays. But i found a place from Springfield that i got some decent prices on jewelry. I also bought soy candles, soap, a purse (that is what is under the jewelry in the pic), a wooden skeleton to hang on the wall (for Zac who is loving all the "Spooky Scary!" decorations in the stores) all from the people who made them.
That being said, for an entrance fee of $16 and a parking fee of $5 I expected more antiques! What i really enjoyed was watching what other people were buying and the marketing of the items. Alot of the re-done vintage jewelry seemed to be really popular. I have really enjoyed doing this sort of work, so to see it sell gives me hope that one day maybe i could at least break even with my hobby!
Here is a description of my "finds" today, starting top left:
Blue Weiss rhinestone brooch (missing one light blue stone), unmarked black earrings - soon to be rings, Sarah Coventry goldtone brooch, siver with black center flower pin - it has a marking but i havent made it out yet, Sarah Coventry earrings, an Avon owl pin (i dont usually collect avon but couldnt resist this cute owl! I wonder if he originally had the "googly" eyes he has now?), HUMONGOUS yellow plastic beads from Western Germany (no, i have no idea what i am going to do with them), enamelled flower pin and a German glass beaded necklace.
I am so happy with my stash! My Weiss broch is dusty, but none of the pieces show any wear or corrosion. I'm looking forward to making rings and necklaces with them.

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