Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Still Summer!

I am rebelling at the back to school items and loving green right now.  It is still time for summer jewelry, I don't even want to think about sweaters and jeans. 

In this picture on the left is a vintage glass green button from West Germany.  The middle is a glass vintage cabachon with little specks of white, blue and pink.  I glued it onto a chunky button.  It fit nicely and I thought the white made the green stand out.  The far right is a finished vintage silver earring made into a ring for myself!

The earrings are brass wire with vintage components.

With the high price of silver right now, I thought it would be a good idea to wait for it to drop before buying more supplies.  So I have ventured into making my own earwires from my current stash of wire. I know - it's not hard to make earwires - wrap the wire about a tube and cut - but I have never done it.  This was my first attempt - practicing with brass.  I hammered them a bit, and de-burred the ends with my new wire rounder.  I can't believe I picked the wire rounder up at Michael's.  They are carrying alot more tools.  Don't get me wrong - I like my quality tools (the few that I have!). But not every tool has to be expensive, and with the weekly 40 or 50% off coupon from the paper it makes it very economical to pick up some new stuff!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vintage Earrings into Rings Day.

Soooo..... I should be studying. But I'm not.  I received my new ring blanks in the mail. Just really wanted to get these done. 

The one in the bottom left corner is a Weiss earring. I got it at the Sunbury flea market. I was thinking of keeping it for awhile and trying to find another orphaned earring but I really want it as a ring!

The one in the middle is not complete.  That is a vintage glass button. After it dries I will glue in the blue resin flowery former vintage earring that also came from the flea market.  It is part of a pair but the other will be put on a necklace with white filigree Monet beads (well that is the plan for now).  The blue earring fits perfectly in the glass button. 

The one on the right was missing it's inner white cabochon.  I was thinking a green agate would look awesome, but I am too impatient to wait on another jewelry order and I found I had a labradorite that was the perfect size.

The other 2 pieces you see don't have totally flat backs.  So I am looking for other backings (like a button or metal piece) that will be a help. Otherwise I think they may be knocked off the ring blanks to easily.

I will be listing the cream flower, the silver starry one, and probably the blue with vintage button (but I love that button!).  But definitely keeping the Weiss rhinestone for myself! I love making rings.

I had some problems with my new lens photographing these.  And some of my photos from the other day didn't seem very crisp.  Have to do some more research - maybe user error but never had this problem with my other lens before it broke.