Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Gift (to myself)

Last Friday I had a pretty massive headache.  Usually the day after I need a low key day to recover. Luckily, on Saturday my hubby was home and we had nothing planned.  There have been some simple jewelry projects in the back of my mind that I just haven't made time to get done.  This necklace is one of the projects that I made.

I have some vintage Valentine and calling cards from my great uncle's estate. I haven't had the time to research them much but some have his family name signed to them.  All were made in Germany. I photocopied one with a bird and put that in the setting. (have had these for a couple years and just now came up with something to do with them!) Than I glued a glass button to the other side. Done! Double-sided vintage-y necklace.

The words say, "On my friendship e'errelly".  Does anyone know what 'e'errelly' means? I tried looking it up on online dictionaries and just googling it, but nothin'. I am guessing 'eternally'.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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