Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jewelry Display

jewelryorganizer by ShineTrue
jewelryorganizer, a photo by ShineTrue on Flickr.
When I saw my moms jewelry thrown about on top of her dresser I knew she needed something. But it needed to be on the wall (no horizontal space) and substantial (she has alot of jewelry). I had seen pictures of jewelry organizers using radiator cover sheets in frames but didnt have any frames big enough for her. Than I remembered I have a few memory box frames that I havent done anything with.  This one ended up being perfect. Hung vertically, it is long enough for most of my mom's necklaces (I know it won't hold them all, she needs a tie organizer too!), and it will hold a ton of earrings. I have some cream boxes that I am going to make with a goldtone radiator sheet.  The only downside is that the radiator covers are expensive (in my opinion) but I will be able to use the scrap for smaller frames.
And just so ya know, if I had done a little more research instead of just looking at other people's pictures I would have known how easy it is to cut the radiator sheet.  In the end (after trying every OTHER tool we had) I just used my kitchenaid scissors to cut it to size.

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